Episode Pins for Season 2 of Discovery

Episode Pins

The Episode pins for Season 2 of Discovery are being handled differently this season than they were for Season 1.  We found from that experience that very few people were willing to purchase pins sight unseen as the pins could not be designed until the episode aired thus making it impossible to show people ahead of time what they were buying.  That, combined with the extremely tight deadlines of designing pins within days of an episode airing, made last season’s method less than desirable.

Individual and complete sets of all episode pins, sold much better once all the designs were completed. That made us reconsider how we would do season 2. 

Based on that we are once again designing pins for each episode of the season.  However ,they will be released all together shortly after the season ends.   We need time to design the last couple of episode pins and get them through CBS approval once the last episode airs.  Once that is done all designs will be available for viewing and sale on our site. We will also have a Season pin for season 2 (the one in the image).

We are going to do a limited run of 100 pins of each episode.  25 complete sets will be taken and sold as complete sets at Star Trek Las Vegas this year.  The remaining pins will be sold individually or as complete sets if the customer desires, for as long as each design is in stock.  Once an individual design sells out, complete sets will no longer be possible.

Based on popularity of these pins and the method of sales this year, FanSets will look at doing Season 3 pins.