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FanSets Launches Monthly Newsletter!

Pin-Point Accuracy Newsletter!

Vol. 1/Issue 1 - November 2016

Hello all you crazy pin collecting life forms! Welcome to our very first issue of the Official FanSets Newsletter, Pin-Point Accuracy!  Here at FanSets, we’re all about finding things that people love and making sets of cool, fun, unique and collectible pins that every fan will want to collect. We’re fans ,too, and we want to make pins that we would want to collect. That means you won’t just get the same well -known characters that everyone usually does but you’ll get the ones that only real fans know about!

Our FanSets newsletter will keep you updated on the latest and greatest FanSets pins, exclusive offers just for our special FanSets newsletter customers , our list of upcoming conventions where you can stop by our FanSets booth and check out our pins in-person as well as any interesting genre news we think you might be interested in! We also want to hear from YOU! Email us at and let us know your comments and questions about any of our pins and pin sets. It might just show up in our next newsletter for others to read!

June 2016 saw the launch of FanSets. With licenses now for Star Trek, DC Comics, Harry Potter and Firefly we can’t wait to show you what we have in the works for each of these franchises. But 2017 is going to be the year of FanSets! We have new licenses we’ll be announcing, new AR pins debuting and convention exclusives you won’t believe! And don’t forget the launch of our special membership club in Q1 of 2017!

We’re glad you’ve come along on this journey with us..and it has just begun! As collectors ourselves, we can’t wait to show you what is in the pipeline for FanSets! Our passion is designing amazing collectibles for YOU!

Your FanSets Team

Lew Halboth

John Garrison

Dan Madsen

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