FEBRUARY PINpoint Accuracy

WE'RE BACK!!!! After a much needed month off in January where the ONLY thing we launched was our NEWEST product line...

The World of  Irwin Allen

We launched the SSRN Seaview from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea! The fans of the 4 shows that Irwin Allen brought to TV in 60's have turned out for our launch and we promise to do our best to represent these incredible shows. Since then we have also launched the Jupiter 2 from Lost in Space. Both are shown below! Next... The Flying Sub from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea then our FIRST MicroCrew™ Character...The  B-9 "Robot"!

Star Trek

Hit It!! Like Captain Pike says we are "Hitting" 2019 at Warp Speed!!! February will see the launch of the Discovery Enterprise into our MicroFleet™ series the February 3rd. This will be followed by the release of the Tricorder on the TOS Delta with our GREAT friends at Trek Geeks, the SECOND in the series!

Feb 3rd.

Feb 15th.

This pin will be available at BOTH TrekGeeks.com and FanSets.com

Episode Pins will Launch in March . These will be EXTREMELY Limited Editions! Details on quantities will follow soon!

Both Episode 1 & 2 are approved!

So much Trek coming this year.... and a few surprises! 


Legion of Super-Heroes fans can NOW rejoice!! We continue to build the Legion here at FanSets!! This month we bring one of our most DREAMY pin's ever released! Dream Girl joins our MicroHeroes™ LOSH team! She  will be follow by one of the original Teen Titan characters! On the 15th Kid Flash joins the team at FanSets!! LONG LIVE THE LEGION!

FEB 3rd.


Harry Potter

It's CREEPY, It's Hairy and it's coming your way on the 15th of February. ARAGOG  crawls his way into your collection and our MicroMagic™ characters. He's huge, he takes a full 3x2 card to contain him!

FEB  15th.

Want FanSets at your local Comic Book and Specialty store? TELL THEM!! We are always looking for partner retailers. 

Thank-you for your CONTINUING support! Some surprise are coming in March along with a NEW license that MANY of you are familiar with.

Lew (PinPimp)