MARCH/APRIL PINpoint Accuracy


Hello to our friends around the world!! Welcome to the latest edition of PINpoint Accuracy!! We have a lot to tell you (the reason this is a 2 month edition)! 

Theres a LOT to talk about so lets get to it!!

So to start with the new LICENSES coming to FanSets.


We are excited to bring this line to FanSets. We will be producing for the shows that ran from 1966-1981 AND the NEW NETFLIX ANIME.

Look for CLASSIC and NEW Ultraman coming in Late MAY/JUNE.

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory, I had to type it again! We are so excited to bring Americas #1 Comedy show and the incredible cast to our little company! We are in character design and we will be showing you how Leonard, Sheldon, Penny and the rest of the gang become members of the FanSets family!! And no this is NOT a Bazinga!

Look for them to move into their FanSets apartment in June!


14 Years!!! Think about all the Creatures we can create!!! The boys are coming and they are bringing all the scary with them.

The line-up is strong, but we are just beginning!! More licenses are on the way, More Characters, More Ships, Vehicles, and some surprises, really cool surprises! The FUN is just beginning, can you tell we LOVE what we do and WHO we get to do it with... YOU!

April Releases!

Star Trek

April 1st.


Miles O'Brien

April 15th.

Dr Phlox

*Image not final design

DC Comics

April 1st.

Steph Brown Batgirl

April 1st

*NEW Classic Re-Design

April 15th.

 Batwoman Bombshell Badge


Irwin Allen

April 1st.

Flying Sub - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Harry Potter

April 15th


*Available at Denver Starfest 2019

Thats ALL for now, but the flood gates are opening and surprises are just beginning!

Thank-you, our valued customers for your continued support! We LOVE what we do and do what we LOVE!