SEPTEMBER PinPoint Accuracy!! New Releases, New Licenses, New Sponsorships!!

Welcome to September/Fall 2018

Fall is here and so is the September announcements!! But we have to first look back at August and the incredible time we had with OUR Star Trek FAMILY in Las Vegas! We were packed at the booth non-stop with Star Trek fans from all over the world!

On Friday Aug 3rd we held the second annual FanGeeks Party. Called FanGeeks because the party is co-hosted by our friends at #TrekGeeks (More about them soon). Last year we hosted 113 fans at the inaugural party which was the launch party for our Star Trek Discovery line! We were hoping for 150 people to attend this year, so thats how many party pins we ordered for this year. Well, we accidentally  ordered 250 party pins (You had to attend to receive one). We gave away all  250 pins and had to give out some Disco pins in place of those! We are humbled by the turnout, and the reception our party has received by the fans and is now a destination event at #STLV. It must be the Trek Geeks! Next year we are planning on having a LIVE band and a new location as we have out grown where we held it the last 2 years.


Please visit our Facebook page for more pictures of the entire event! And a BIG Thank you to ALL our friends from around the world. Its going to be a LONG 51 weeks till we see you again!!

We were speaking of the Trek Geeks! FanSets has had the pleasure and the honor to work with the Geeks (Bill and Dan) since the launch of FanSets in 2016. We were asked to be the sole sponsor for the Discovering Trek: A Star Trek: Discovery Companion Podcast for the entire first season and we will be returning for the second season in early 2019. The BIG news is FanSets will be joining as a official sponsor of the Coconut Media Works Flagship, Trek Geeks. We will sponsor weekly contests, fan driven product development, and some incredible stuff we will be announcing shortly on their weekly show. If you dont listen, your missing out! You can find the podcast on all major outlets.

San Diego Comic Con was incredible for us this year as we were asked to provide the SDCC / Warner Bros gift bag pins for the second year in a row! 150,000 pins were given away of 12 different DC Comics designs ranging from Comic, Animated, TV and Movies. Full sets are going for BIG money on sites like eBay.

We even created our own companion collection which is available exclusively on our website of 5 classic heroes (Green Arrow, Flash, Black Lightning, Firestorm and my favorite Krypto! Sold as a set of 5 and limited to 100 sets!

At STLV we launched our first ever AutographPin™. We had the chance to launch this pin with the first actor on the Star Trek Mount Rushmore, Mr William Shatner. Limited to 100 pieces, this individually signed, authenticated signature pin was a near sellout at STLV with only a few remaining in the website store.


This is the first in a series of autograph pins we are doing. We are announcing that Doug Jones, Brent Spinner, and Nichelle Nichols have all agreed to be in the next group of pins and autographs in this collection! We are very excited to bring this new style of collectable autographs to Star trek fans!

Also Available on the site are the 2nd Annual STLV Poker Chip Sisko pin

And the 25th Anniversary Star Trek Deep Space Nine MasterSet™ 



We proud to announce that FanSets will now be doing MicroCharacter™ and MicroCrew™ classic pins for the 1960 Cult favorites of the Irwin Allen TV shows!

#VoyageToTheBottomOfTheSea #LandOfTheGiants #LostInSpace #TheTimeTunnel are coming to FanSets!! What Character or Ship/Vehicle would you like to see? Let us know on Facebook or drop us a line! We love to hear from fans!

So lets preview some pins for September!!



The LONG awaited arrival of the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701 Refit from Star Trek The Motion Picture. We have been promising this pin for over a year. It will be available August 1st.


The Background and Frame for Season 1 of Star Trek Discovery. A complete set including the pins or just the Frame and Background will be available on August 10th.


Lieutenant Keela Detmer joins the Star Trek Discovery collection. We continue to add the Bridge crew from Discovery!

DC Comics


Just in time for the launch of the Fall TV series premier of Supergirl! 

Kara Zor-El/Danver joins our MircoJustice™ DCTV line.


We love adding STRONG female characters to our line! Stargirl is a great addition to our MicroJustice™ Justice Society collection!

September 6th-8th FanX Salt Lake City Comic Convention

We will be in Salt Lake and we would LOVE to see yuo! If you are attending the show look for us as we will have a show Exclusive! DC Comics Bombshell Supergirl is boldly illustrated in this incredibly over-sized FanSets pin. Pre-orders will be taken for those who are not attending the show and it will ship 3-4 weeks after the end of the show. Only 200 of these will be produced and then the mold will be destroyed! Online Pre-orders will go on sale Monday the 3rd of September.

The size of this pin is 3 inches wide by 2 1/2 inches high. We hope to see you in SLC! 

The End..... Finally!

We just want to thank our customers around the world for your support! Without you we could not do this business. Please drop by our Facebook page, Hit us up on Twitter or leave some pictures on Instagram. We are very easy to find just type in FanSets.

Your FanSets team!






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