FanSets PINsider Blog | August 2020

Hello and welcome to the August 2020 PINsider blog! My name's Joe and Ive got some awesome stuff to share with everyone today. But first, as always, NEW PINS!

On August 1st we kicked off the launch of our Batman 66 line with the Batmobile! T'Pol joined the Women of Trek line available for the first time.

August 1st:

  • T'Pol Women of Trek
  • Kes Microcrew
  • Hourman
  • The Batman Who Laughed
  • DC Bombshells Mary Marvel
  • Batman 1966 Batmobile
  • Ultraman Leo

August 15th:

  • Voyager/DS9 Full Size Delta
  • Major Hayes
  • Deathstroke
  • DC Bombshells Huntress
  • Batman 1966 Batcopter
  • Lt Nelson

Voyager and Deep Space Nine Delta Launch

Today is a very exciting day for us with releasing the full size, show accurate Voyager/DS9 Delta. We have been working tirelessly for the past few months to perfect this delta. We want it to be as close to show accurate as possible. The matte finish on the silver delta is beautiful and it is just like the ones they wear in the show. This delta is full size, 1:1 scale. Just a reminder that this is a pin of the delta. It is not a prop replica or designed to be a cosplay piece.


This was an exciting week for Star Trek fans as Lower Decks made it's show debut! We are excited to announce that the FanSets Lower Decks crew members are due any day and will be releasing soon! We have the Cerritos Ship, Cerritos Bar Logo and Delta in design right now so keep an eye out for those also being announced soon!



We have plenty to look forward to for all our other licenses too. The next wave of Ultraman pins are in design and coming soon! SEVEN new Ultraman designs spanning multiple Ultraman Universes.

TONS of DC Classics heroes and villains are coming as well as the first wave of Batman 66 MicroJustice. The DC Multiverse is growing as we have pins from all eras of DC history coming soon. Keep an eye out for Batman from Christopher Nolan's Blockbuster The Dark Knight as well as other silver and golden age Justice League favorites.

This month we launched the first of our crew from the Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen. Admiral Nelson joins the ranks as a FanSets MicroCrew pin. Captain Steve Burton and Captain John Robinson are coming soon!

Harry Potter fans will have much to look forward to as we launch our super secret new product line later this year! shhh....


That's all for today! Thank you for reading, we truly wouldn't be able to make collectibles we love if it were not for all of our loyal fans. Stay tuned for the September Blog for more exciting news!

Same Bat-time! Same Bat-channel!

-Joe (and the other pin-heads)