FanSets PINsider Blog | July 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to the July PinSider Blog!

June was absolutely crazy for us and we got to do our first Virtual Convention! I'd like to give a big thank you to everyone who came out to our CONnected Virtual Con table. We had an absolute blast doing it and I'd like to give a quick recap of what happened for those of you where weren't able to make it.

First we got to show the whole design process of a pin. This was something really special we got to share with our fans and hopefully we will get to show more in the future. We even gave away some of our pin artwork signed by one of our artists, Matt!

We also got to show off a TON of spoilers. Everything from upcoming Women of Trek pins to new Microcrew and even all of the new DELTAS coming in the near future!

We finally got to show off this years Voyager 25th Anniversary Master Set as well! You may have seen the artwork for the set in the May Blog but we got to show off the actual pins on the backer board and my, oh my, it looks pretty... I'll be the first to admit, it's our best one yet. Look for it releasing in the coming months!

I've convinced Lew and John to let me keep the microphone and camera so be on the lookout for more videos, interviews and unboxings! FanSets will also be attending more Vitrual Conventions!


New Pins!

We are super excited to bring Wonder Woman 84 to the FanSets lineup! We have the WW84 logo pin launching with the classic Wonder Woman "W" re-imagined for the new blockbuster film. Jadzia Dax also release this month making her debut in the Women of Trek line. We have some great DC Classics Legion MicroJusice as well as the final 2 Episode Pins for Discovery Season 2. The releases this month are as follows:

July 1st:

  • Discovery Season 2 Episode 13
  • Discovery Season 2 Episode 14
  • Star Trek Picard: Dahj Microcrew
  • Women of Trek Jadzia Dax
  • DC Classics Dawnstar
  • DC Classics Duo Damsel
  • Wonder Woman 84 Logo
  • Wonder Woman 84 Emblem
  • FireFly Saffron

July 15th:

  • Star Trek Picard: Narek MicroCrew
  • Wesley Crusher MicroCrew
  • DC Classics Phantom Stranger MicroJustice
  • DC Classics Chameleon Boy MicroJustice


Master Sets

As many of you are aware, we have been sold out of the 50th Anniversary Captains Set for quite some time. Unfortunately, the company we were using to make the backer boards for the pins went out of business due to COVID-19. We have been actively looking to source a new manufacturer for these and we believe we have found one! 50th Anniversary sets will be coming back in stock soon as well as TNG 30th Anniversary and Discovery.


Future Cons

Like most of you, we are very sad to missing out on all the great conventions that have been postponed or canceled. At the time of writing this FanSets is planning on attending LA Comic Con in September and STLV in December. We will of course monitor this closely and are prepared to make changes depending on what happens with COVID-19. I'm personally excited to get FanSets more involved with online Conventions and streams so keep an eye on our social media for when we will be doing those!



We are preparing to start a whole email campaign full of discounts and special offers so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter if you don't want to miss out! Order Discounts, Flash Sales and maybe even some exclusive pins will all be part of our new Newsletter campaign so don't be left out!


That's all for today but keep an eye out for more coming in the next blog! Thank you for reading and I hope everyone is staying safe!

-Joe (and the other PINheads)