FanSets PINsider Blog | June 2020

Hello and welcome to the June PINsider Blog! I've got some great news to share with everyone and some updates regarding our releases. But first.... NEW PINS!

Lots of new pins this month as we see the return of Bombshells and new Irwin Allen with the employee badge from Time Tunnel. The Time Tunnel Tic-Toc Employee Badge pin also has a FanSets Easter egg in it. Can you guess what it is?

June 15th:

  • Women of Trek Uhura
  • Star Trek Picard Seven of Nine MicroCrew
  • Star Trek Picard Elnor MicroCrew
  • Ulraman Ace
  • Project Tic-Toc Logo
  • DC Classics Starman
  • DC Classics Mr. Miracle
  • DC Classics John Stewart


We don't quite know when CBS will be dropping Discovery Season 3 but we sure are excited for it! We are kicking off this month with Michael Burnham featuring her new look for Discovery Season 3! The final episode pins from season 2 will be releasing July 1st! More Discovery to follow as we get closer to the launch of the new season. Stay Tuned!


Future Releases

As many of you have probably experienced, COVID-19 has caused some delays with shipping. Our release schedule is very fluid right now as some product is being delayed. We are still on track to ship out the Women of Trek Janeway orders on June 15th and we should be releasing Uhura right around then too. Look for more updates in the mid-month June blog.


Wishlist Upgrade

Once again I have under estimated our loyal fans. Our initial wishlist was set up with limited features to be a sort of "trial" run to make sure it integrated easily into our website. That trial run was taken down because you all went far beyond the wishlist limit we had set. No need to worry, it is back and here to stay!


Lots more to come in the next blog including a sneak peak at some new pins coming soon! Stay tuned for the June Mid-month Blog coming on the 15th! Same Bat-time same Bat-channel! *wink-wink*

-Joe (and the other PIN-heads)