FanSets PINsider Blog | May 2020

Hello Again!

Joe here, and I've got some awesome news to share with everyone! First up:

With overwhelming support for the Picard Delta we received several requests for it to be done larger. Available today is the full size delta that is to scale for what they wear in the show. I'd like to point out that this IS NOT a cosplay piece. It is a collectible pin and not intended as a prop replica. We are very excited to bring this to the market and we have a limited amount available right now. Once they sell out more will be available at the end of the month.


New Pins!

Available Now:

  • Star Trek Picard Full Size Delta
  • Locutus of Borg
  • Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Episode 12
  • Green Arrow Hero Head
  • Rebirth Arsenal
  • Rebirth Omen
  • SSSP Logo
  • SSSP Member

Available May 15th:

  • Star Trek Discovery Spock
  • Emperor Georgiou 
  • And maybe a few other surprises

We are currently facing some shipping delays on some product arriving at our warehouse so more pins may be available later in the month depending on when we receive them.


Zenescope Pin-Ups

Last month we released our first wave of the Zenescope Pin-Ups and we couldn't be happier with their success. We have an excellent relationship with Zenescope Entertainment and it is an honor being able to turn their gorgeous artwork into FanSets collectibles. We have several more that are currently in some stage of production so stay tuned!


YES! We are starting the transition to new backer cards for our pins. The new cards are a much thicker card stock with a matte finish that gives the product a much more premium feel. The cards have a larger hole at the top to make them easier to display for retailers and we are no longer putting them in the sealed bags. These new backer cards are very nice and they give a similar feel to that of a Disney trading pin. Look for them on Rebirth Omen and Arsenal with more coming soon. 


Voyager 25

Also as a special release last month we had the Voyager 25th anniversary pin. This gorgeous pin is a wonderful tribute to the legacy Voyager has left for all Star Trek fans and we can not wait to release the Voyager Master Set later this year.


That's all for this month! Keep an eye on our social media for updates regarding the May 15th releases. Bye for now!