FanSets PINsider Blog | November 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another month of exciting news! My name is Joe and we have lots to cover this month from new releases to pre-order updates and of course, BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY SALES!!! Up first, new releases!


New Releases

Available November 1st:

  • Women of Star Trek Tilly
  • Ultraman Anime Ultraman Seven
  • DC Classics Elongated Man
  • DC New 52 Robin
  • Zenescope Pin-Ups Snow White


Available November 15th:

  • Star Trek: Picard Picard
  • Star Trek: Picard Hugh
  • DC Classics Trigon
  • DC Classics Matter Eater Lad
  • DC Classics S.T.R.I.P.E.
  • DC Classics Star Spangled Kid
  • Ultraman Anime Shinjiro



Black Friday and Cyber Monday

I'm very happy to share with everybody all of the crazy sales we are doing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For starters, the entire store will be 20% off. This discount will be applied to you your cart automatically, so no need to enter a code. On top of the 20% off we will also be putting several pins from all licenses on sale, starting at 2.99. This sale will start on Black Friday and will continue through Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.


Vault Sale!

Along with the Black Friday sale we will also have several pins heading to the Vault January 1st 2021. Once pins are Vaulted they may or may not return in the future, so don't miss out on adding these to your collection!


Changes to the Earlybird Delta Program

Last month we talked about our new Delta Program and how we will go about releasing them. We have A TON of new delta pins and magnets releasing in 2021 but the Earlybird release plan was confusing for many people (our fault). Going forward, the new release plan very simple. If you place a pre-order, you are guaranteed to receive it in the first shipment. BOOM. Any extras will be sold on the site for anyone who did not want to pre-order, in limited quantity.


Lower Decks Delta

Since we are on the topic, the Lower Decks deltas are still on track to ship by the end of the month. Woohoo! They will be available on the website for anyone who chose to not pre-order them, but we will have a limited quantity available.


Voyager 25th Master Set

The Voyager Master Sets are also on schedule to ship in the next few weeks. There will be a limited quantity available for anyone who did not pre-order this set so keep an eye on our social media for when those are available.


Deltas: Section 31 & "All Good Things"

I want to provide everyone with an update to the launch of these pins. We have been talking about them for a while and unfortunately, we are pushing the limits of what we can accomplish working under a global pandemic (thanks COVID). We are still expecting them before the end of the year as of right now. We will post on social media if that changes. With the current state of COVID-19, some of our tentative delivery dates may change.


The Future

We have a lot coming in December and we just unveiled the 2020 Holiday Pin so if you did not see that, check out our social media! More Deltas! More Ships! More DC Classics! MORE MAGNETS!! The end of the year is shaping up to be very exciting for us so don't miss out on these big sales! I look forward to showing some more previews in a few weeks for the December PINsider blog. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe!


-Joe (and the other PIN-heads)

p.s. we have gift cards this year so send one to a friend (;