FanSets PINSider Blog | Mid - May 2020

Riddle me this... What is better than a blog post from FanSets?

We have so much going on this month and there is just no way I can share everything that is happening in one blog post... So this month you get two!


First Things First... Full Size Picard Delta

Let me start off by first saying thank you. The response we have received from this pin has absolutely blown us away. When we launched the mini delta in February we were truly humbled and the full size delta has taken it to another level. We have worked hard to bring a quality collectible to the fans in timely fashion and seeing everyone's happy reactions on social media makes it all worth it. Wave 2 pre-orders are shipping as you're reading this. Wave 3 Pre-orders (order #10836 or later) are on track to ship May 25th. We are happy to continue supporting the mini and full size delta line with the Voyager / Deep Space Nine delta launching July 1st. Thank you everyone for making this our most successful launch ever.

We are making some changes to the Women of Trek line. Firstly, all Women of Trek pins going forward will have glitter in them. This is a beautiful collection of pins and we want every pin to be consistent and match the initial set. We are also happy to announce that for the first time since their launch, most Women of Trek pins will be available for sale individually.

  • Captain Janeway 5-15-2020
  • Jedzia Dax 6-1-2020
  • Nyota Uhura and Seven of Nine 6-18-2020
  • T'Pol 7-1-2020
  • Dr. Crusher and Nurse Chapel 7-15-2020
  • Kira Nerys 8-1-2020
  • Deanna Troi and Soji 8-15-2020
  • Michael Burnham 9-1-2020
  • Hoshi Sato 9-15-2020
  • Sylvia Tilly 10-1-2020

The Women of Trek Logo, Borg Queen, and Edith Keeler pins will only be available in the Women of Trek 10 Pin Master Set. Please note that the STLV Uhura will not be made available again. Lastly, to kick off Wave 2 we are dropping the price of the Wave 1 Master Set to $199.95 Domestic and $219.95 International. 


Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a FanSets Gift Card.

Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees and they never expire.


Wishlists are here

Some of you may have noticed our website had changed back to our old black website last week. This was due to a coding issue with implementing the wishlist feature. Fortunately we've got all the kinks worked out and the feature is now live!

When viewing a product you will now have the option to add it to your wishlist. Add any items you want and you can even share your list with friends via email. As long as you are logged into your FanSets account you can access your wishlist from any device. Just hit the heart on the bottom right corner and you're good to go!


In Brightest Day. In Blackest Night.

We are a little light on May 15th releases for DC. The pins are on their way and we should have them for sale soon. Look out for John Stewart Green Lantern and Starman (Will Payton) next week!



We have always prided ourselves on our fast shipping and our low shipping rates. Order tracking is always provided so our customers know exactly where their package is. Unfortunately, sometimes packages get lost or stolen between the post office and porch pirates. We are now offering insured shipping on all domestic and international orders. You can select this option at checkout when selecting your shipping. A few things to note:

  • Insurance is handled by Shipsurance and all claims go through them.
  • FanSets' obligation to fulfill orders ends when the tracking indicates the item has been check in to the post office. 
  • Once the package has reached that point, FanSets is no longer liable for any issues that lead to a lost, stolen or or damaged package.
  • If you qualify for free shipping in the US and want your package insured you will need to select the insured option at check out and pay for it


The Future

There is plenty coming up in the future for FanSets. In the near future:

  • FOUR new DC Bombshell Badges
  • SIX new Wonder Woman 84 Pins
  • The first TWO Star Trek Picard Microcrew pins
  • BATMAN 66 PINS!!!
  • TWO new Irwin Allen Pins from The Time Tunnel
  • And of course a few surprises...


Thank you for reading this mid-month blog and I truly hope everyone is staying safe. 

-Joe (and those other pin-heads)