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Captain Danby Connor was a male Terran Imperial Starfleetofficer in the mid-23rd century. During his career, he won medals for being a master of poisons and for fifty kills.

In the 2250s, Connor served aboard the ISS Shenzhou under Michael Burnham. After Burnham went missing and was presumed dead during a mission, Connor struggled with others to succeed her and finally assumed command of the Shenzhou.

Despite coming on top in the power struggle for the captain chair, Connor felt that he never really manage to establish his authority among his officers and that they never shown him the same respect they gave Burnham.

Connor was subsequently killed by Starfleet specialist Michael Burnham, disguised as her counterpart, after he attempted to kill her in a turbolift when she had seemingly returned to the Shenzhou after faking her death.*

*Memory Alpha


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