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Harry Potter ARAGOG Licensed FanSets Pin MicroMagic

Harry Potter ARAGOG Licensed FanSets Pin MicroMagic

$ 8.95

Aragog measures 3 inches wide! A huge pin and a must add for your Harry Potter collection!

Aragog was an Acromantula owned by Rubeus Hagrid. Like the rest of his species, Aragog had a taste for human flesh and was able to communicate with humans. In his youth, he was the size of a Pekingese and near the end of his life was about the size of a small elephant with an eighteen-foot leg span.

Aragog had a wife, Mosag, and was the leader of a large Acromantula colony composed of all of his sons and daughters. During his life, Aragog was accused of being Slytherin's Monster, although this was really a basilisk. Ironically, all spiders fear the basilisk. After Aragog died, some of his venom was taken by Horace Slughorn and was most likely sold later on.*

*Fandom Wikia

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