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Members Club

Have you ever had a collection that wasn’t complete because you missed a release or missed an issue? FanSets has the answer! Coming soon in 2017 is the FanSets Member's Club!  We are trying to finalize sign-up details now.

The Club will have a nominal fee to join and then members will receive an exclusive pin for purchase each month.  This pin will only be available for purchase by club members and will never be sold at conventions, on our online store or available any other way through FanSets except by being a club member.

Members will also occasionally receive free gifts. We can’t tell you what or exactly when yet (that would ruin the surprise) but it will be worth the wait (At least one will be another exclusive pin bringing the total to 13 of exclusive pins for members). Members may also occasionally be offered the chance to purchase other exclusive pins or stock from our reserve of previous limited releases.