STAR TREK Limited Edition Signature Series 1 Complete Set


$ 625



FanSets, partnering with Coolwaters Productions, LLC , is proud to present the Exclusive Signature Series of autographed pins from the STAR TREK universe.

Please visit our friends at Coolwaters. Their website is to see the many celebrities they represent as well as their fabulous online store full of autographed items from several Star Trek personalities and much more! When you visit, receive 20% off your next ONLINE purchase from Coolwaters’s store using code FANSETS20. Not good on pre-orders, send-ins, restricted items or birthday greetings. Coupon EXPIRES December 2024. Only one use per person per household.

The Exclusive Signature Series pins are limited to only fifty pieces world-wide and are signed and hand-numbered by the celebrities whose Star trek character’s likeness is featured on the pin. Each series will feature 12 pins (one released each month). 

Series 1 includes:
1 – Sam Vartholomeos as Danby Conner
2 – Avaah Blackwell as Osnullus
3 – David Ajala as Cleveland Booker
4 – David Benjamin Tomlinson as Linus
5 – Doug Jones and Tara Rosling as Saru and T’Rina (double Autograph)
6 – Hannah Spear as Siranna
7 – Janet Kidder as Osyraa
8 – Orville Cummings as Lt. Christopher
9 – Gabrielle Ruiz as T’Lyn
10 – Michelan Sisti as Tol
12 – Hannah Cheesman as Airiam
15 – Elias Toufexis as L’ak

Series 2 is in process and pin #11 Raven Dauda as Tracy Pollard will be part of Series 2 as #15 Elias Toufexis was moved to Series 1. The pins WILL NOT be released in numbered order, but scheduled for release based on the schedules of the actors and access to them for signing. The pins will be released one at a time on a monthly basis starting JULY 15th of 2024. Cost will be only $50 each plus shipping except for the double Jones/Rosling pin which will be $75.

As a special opportunity, a pre-order for the entire series, will be offered for two weeks, July 1st through July 15th. Pre-orders allow a buyer to guarantee their pin number (I.E. all your pins will be matching numbers for the edition count). After that date there is NO guarantee that someone will be able to complete a full set with identical numbers as they will be sold on a first come, first served basis and once a pin sells out it will not be re-stocked and numbers will not be held.

SPECIAL RANDOM DRAWING: Anyone purchasing this pre-order for $675 (plus tax and shipping) will be automatically be entered into a random drawing for a signed prototype of a very limited-edition pin.

The pin was produced in a 15-piece numbered edition for Coolwaters & Doug Jones
and the drawing will be for a prototype of this design, clearly designated as a Prototype on the back of the pin. It will be hand-signed by Doug Jones.

Purchases of the 12-pin set are non-refundable and not available for exchange. Pins will be mailed to anyone purchasing the pre-order on a monthly basis as they are released on the FanSets website.

Purchase is not necessary for entry into the drawing. Entries are strictly limited to one per
person. To enter without purchase, send a postcard with your clearly PRINTED name and
address and the words “SIGNATURE SERIES JONES PROTOTYPE” to FanSets, LLC 6140 S. Gun Club Rd, Unit K6, Box 150 Aurora, CO 80016. Entries must be RECEIVED (NOT POSTMARKED) by July 15th 2024.

**Backerboard is NOT included and is for promotional images only.

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