Star Trek Voyager 25th Anniversary Master Set


$ 180


FanSets is proud to present our fourth MasterSet celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Star Trek Voyager.  This eleven-pin set has been produced in a numbered production run of 125 sets.  The set comes mounted on a custom backer board in a 12” by 12” frame.  The pins, featuring 9 main characters from the show, all fit together in the shape of the now classic Voyager delta with Lt. Paris off to one side with his Delta Flyer.  Buy this limited, numbered set while you can.  Once it sells out it will be retired to the Delta Quadrant


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INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING NOTICE – All international orders will ship USPS.  Due to COVID-19, international shipping rates have increased dramatically.  International shippers will be charged the exact cost of shipping this set.


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