Get them before they are GONE! DC Comics and Star Trek pins headed for Retirement and Vault.

Hello fellow pin collectors!

Thank-You for being our loyal followers!

As most collectible companies do with their series of products, we are getting ready to Retire some of our older pins.  Below are the pins that we are in the final sell-through stages before we retire them. 

If your a completist here are your final chances at these pins.

DC Comics

Enchantress is already Sold Out and Retired!

Harley Quinn will remain in our regular inventory for the foreseeable future.

We will be offering the Suicide Squad pins for only $3.95 till sold out. (Excluding Harley).

Dawn of Justice Characters are also on the endangered list.

We will be offering the Dawn of Justice pins for only $3.95 till sold out.

Star Trek 

The Star Trek 50th Anniversary pin is Sold Out and Retired.

Star Trek Discovery

With Michael being promoted back to Commander we will be Retiring this pin once she is Sold Out. HOT CHOICE!!

Also, we will be Vaulting some of our catalog line. This allows us to bring fresh product out without having to carry older, less popular characters or ships. We will at some point re-release them, they will NOT be discontinued or retired at this time. Vaulting will require a pin to be off our inventory for a minimum of 6 months. We reserve the right to return a pin to the line if demand is there.

Pins currently headed for Vaulting

DC Comics

We will be adding more to this list in the near future.

Star Trek

The Star Trek 30th design is the Magnet Only. 

We will be adding more to this list in the near future.

As always, Thank-you for your support! 


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