Please be aware that FanSets does its best to process your order with 48 hours of receiving it.  Once your order is handed over to the United States Post Office, it is out of our hands and out of our control.  The time it takes to process the package and deliver it completely on the USPS.  Please understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased all processing and delivery times.  This applies to porch thefts and other delivery issues as well.  FanSets offers USPS insurance when you place your order.  Insurance MUST be purchased at time of placing your order and all insurance claims are between you and the USPS.  FanSets is not part of the claim process.  By placing your order with FanSets you are acknowledging that you understand and agree to this. 


At the convention I visited your booth and someone told me that all of your Show special pins were sold out but when I got home I saw some on your website for sale.
When we go to conventions, we want to bring as much merchandise as we can fit in the shipping containers.  Sometimes we cannot fit all of the inventory for a particular pin or, sometimes, the pin does not sell out. Once we get back to the office, if we find we have show special pins left for whatever reason, we list the remaining pins on our website for sale. 


While we at FanSets try our best to be perfect, we are human and do occasionally make a mistake.  If you received the wrong pin in your order or are missing an item, please contact us through Facebook Messenger and we will get the issue taken care of. 


SPECIAL EDITION – This simply designates a pin that is being produced for a special set or event.  It is not meant to imply a limited number of production or exclusivity. 

LIMITED EDITION – This pin is produced in a limited quantity.  It is not sequentially numbered but may include a quantity on the backstamp “1 of 500”.  This pin will be produced in the amount stated and sold through a variety of channels until sold out.

SHOW PIN – This is a pin that is designed for a particular convention or event.  It may or may not also be a “LIMITED EDITION” although in most cases it will be. 

GENERAL PRODUCTION – A design that is in production until it is retired or vaulted by FanSets.  There is no production limitation on these designs

VAULTED DESIGN– A pin design that is removed from active production for a period of time.  A vaulted design will eventually come back into the production schedule/selection.

RETIRED DESIGN – A pin design that will no longer be produced.  Generally, these are dated event or anniversary pins or pins related to a specific movie or limited set. Examples are the “50th ANNIVERSAY” Star Trek pin, The Suicide Squad character movie pins and the Christmas 2018 Gorn pin.

CUSTOM PIN DESIGN – These are designs that are made by FanSets for other companies and are not sold by FanSets.  These pins can only be purchased though the channels designated by the company contracting the design.  In most cases FanSets will NOT be selling these designs.  In rare instances FanSets may be allowed to sell a limited number of these pins through its own sales channels.

GIVEAWAY PIN – This is a pin created for an event such as the annual STLV FANGEEKS party.  The pin is given away at the event and will not be sold through any channel after the event.

SHARED DESIGN – This is a pin design is produced in cooperation with another company that will be sold by FanSets and the other company. Examples of this are the Star Trek Tricorder Delta Pin that is sold both by FanSets and Trek Geeks and some of the Tribbles pins that will be sold by FanSets and Tribble Toys.

WEBSITE EXCLUSIVE - FanSets offers a handful of selected designs that are FanSets website exclusives and are only available for purchase from the FanSets website and not from the FanSets booth at conventions or other retail channels.

NUMBERED EDITION – This pin will be sequentially numbered on back “1 of 100”, “2 of 100”, etc.  It will be sold through a variety of channels until sold out.

SHOW EXCLUSIVE – This is a pin made for a particular convention or event and will ONLY be sold at that event.  This is in comparison to a “SHOW PIN” or “LIMITED EDITION” pin which may be sold online or at other events after the initial event if the production run does not sell out at the event. 

The “NUMBERED EDITION” and the “SHOW EXCLUSIVE” are the two types that will be the most difficult to acquire once sold out.