Star Trek Picard ADMIRAL Delta MAGNET by FanSets

Star TrekSKU: STBD064MAG

$ 39.95


We are proud to offer the Star Trek Picard ADMIRAL to our growing line of Deltas. As worn by Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) in the exciting 3 season story arc!

This design was made directly from the specifics received from CBS.. It is full size.  While manufactured with FanSets normal attention to detail this was not created to be a cos-play piece.  The magnetic and pin versions have two horizontal magnets or clutches to hold it securely in place. This delta is not a prop replica.

Due to the delicate nature of this badge we have a suggestion for how to remove the backplate. The narrow backplate for this design necessitated
very strong earth magnets to hold the badge in place while wearing/displaying it. The strength of the magnets can overcome the strength of the glue used to
hold the magnets in place. To help avoid the magnets “popping” out of place we recommend using a sliding motion to separate the backplate from
the front piece of the delta rather than gripping the badge and just pulling the two pieces apart. This will help keep the thin gold wreaths from
falling off as well as helping to keep the magnets in place.

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