Star Trek Picard Borgslayer Delta MAGNETIC by FanSets

Star TrekSKU: STBD063

$ 39.95


We are proud to offer the Star Trek Picard "Borgslayer" Delta to our growing line of Deltas. As worn by Jean-Luc Picard (COE)

This design was made directly from the specifics received from CBS and the creator of the delta in the image. It is full size.  While manufactured with FanSets normal attention to detail this was not created to be a cos-play piece. The delta features a matte brushed metal finish.  The magnetic and pin versions have two horizontal magnets or clutches to hold it securely in place. This delta is not a prop replica.

This Picard was part of a timeline where Earth became a fascist empire named the Confederation of Earth, which was similar to the Terran Empire of the Mirror Universe. Much like the Picard of the Dark Mirror timeline, this Picard was a cruel and brutal man who had killed millions in his conquests. In this universe, Picard served as the commanding officer of the CSS World Razer - which was analogous to the Federation's USS Enterprise-D in the prime reality.

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