Star Trek: The Next Generation ACTING ENSIGN Delta V1 Gold/Silver PIN by FanSets

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Star Trek: TNG ACTING ENSIGN Delta V1 Licensed FanSets Pin

Officially Licensed!

This pin comes to you directly from the Star Trek: The Next Generation.  It is full size.  While manufactured with FanSets normal attention to detail this was not created to be a cos-play piece and is a pin, not a magnet.  The pin features a gold delta over a matte finish silver nickel.  Both layers are metal and the pin has two posts/clutches to hold it securely in place. This pin is not a prop replica.

Wes took his exam on Starbase 515, passed, and was offered a position at the Academy. His entry had to be moved to early 2367 when he remained aboard the Enterprise to help locate Commander Riker and Deanna Troi after they were captured by the Ferengi. Thanks to his actions, Riker and Troi were rescued, and Picard field-promoted Wesley to ensign.

Wesley's role of helmsman aboard the Enterprise, despite his civilian status, was disapproved of by some Starfleet officers, including Edward Jellico. In his time aboard the Enterprise, Wesley gained the nickname "Brain Trust", a name he was not particularly fond of.

Details of this Delta can be found below.


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